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Bell Restoration

Restoration Story

In 1704 the tower accommodated 5 bells, more were added over time. In 1924 the treble (Peace) and bell 2 (Rememberance) were added in commemoration of the first world war.

All the bells were on plain bearings which had become hard to ring. In 1995 the decision was taken to have them re-hung, which finally happened in 1997 after some significant fund raising.

The bells were taken to the Whitechapel bell foundary where new fittings were made and the bells were tuned as a complete ring.

view from above

This picture was taken when the bells were removed for rehanging in 1997, looking down through a hole in the floor of the ringing chamber into the church below.

We probably won't have this view again for at least another 75 years.


The bells were returned ca 3 months later. What a jigsaw puzzle.

Luckily, no part was missing.

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in the ringing chamber

A bell passing through the ringing chamber on the way up.


The bells were rededicated on 17th January 1998 by the Bishop of Dover.

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St Laurence inThanet Change Ringers
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