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The band is member of the KCACR and belongs to Canterbury District.
We practice every Tuesday evening and ring for the 10am service on Sunday morning, with the following exceptions:

  • Holy Week
  • The wrong type of snow on the roof.
  • Church otherwise in use.
  • Not enough people around. Like at Christmas. Or New Year.
On Good Friday and Rememberance Sunday the bells are rung half-muffled.


On the 3rd Saturday of a month we hold additional practice sessions with the bells muffled, now supported by Abel ringing simulator connected to all 10 bells.
Please get in touch if you would like to make use of that facility.

We are also meeting more and more often to practice specific methods with the bells muffled. Ringers from a range of towers join in, and we are using Abel if we have a full band, and BELTOWER if there are only few of us.
Please get in touch (email or check our calendar to find out about the next session.
If there is enough interest, we are always happy to arrange more sessions.

We also ring for weddings and on special occasions (quarter peals) - please contact our Tower Captain, Freda Parker or our secretary, Zoë Story, if you would like the bells to be rung for you (click here).

Last - but not least - once a month the band meets for handbell practice.


The Ringing Chamber

Ringing Chamber

Quite cold in winter..not particularly warm in summer.

Equiped with all mod cons, like a heater, a padded bench. And a hard one.

A few boxes to stand on.

Not to forget coat hooks.

And a good number of peal boards for inspiration.

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Way In

Access to the tower is through the vestry door on the NE end of the church. Inside, a carpeted staircase takes you up to the roof level. Since the tower is almost in the centre of the church, the path leads along a gully to the entrance of the ringing chamber.
Please note that the vestry door is locked when unattended, so please arrive on time.

Access to tower over the roof.
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Almost anyone can learn to ring. If you think you might like to give us a try, then follow one or more of these routes:

  • Look at - that should give you some idea of what would be involved at any ringing tower in the country.
    You might also want to watch this video to see how this heavy metal could become your kind of music: youtube: Up the spiral staircase.
  • Contact our Tower Captain, Freda Parker or our secretary, Zoë Story (please click here)
  • Read the rest of this section which sets out how the (imaginary) Jo Learner got on in her - or his - first year of ringing at St Laurence.

Jo might be 8 years old, or 80. S/he arranged to join us on a Tuesday evening practice, when s/he was shown up to the ringing room - and watched people doing their stuff at the end of a rope. Jo was offered a chance to see what it felt like - with an experienced ringer keeping hold of the rope alongside Jo. A tiny bit scary, but Jo was not put off.
Next Jo came to a number of hours of practice with just the teacher and one other new learner - these were arranged at 7 p.m. before the main practice, but they could have been at any other convenient time.
Soon Jo had got to the stage where s/he could ring alongside other ringers. S/he also found that we are quite a friendly crowd. After a few months, Jo was also ringing on Sunday mornings before the service.

You might not have quite the same experience as Jo. That is because every learner is different - some might struggle and make what could seem like very slow progress, others find it (comparatively) easy. Some might decide itís not for them - obviously you can stop at any time. But if you think you might like to give it a go - just give us a ring!

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On Friday 27th July 2012 at 8 o'clock in the morning bell ringers from St Laurence in Thanet Church, Ramsgate came together with many other bell ringers of all shapes and sizes, all over the country to take part in Martin Creed's Work No 1197 All the Bells, which announced the dawn of the first day of the London Olympics commencing at 08:12 precisely.
Ten ringers took part aged from under 10 to over 80, Lewis Yates being our youngest ringer, was taking part in his first public performance on the church bells and he rang in rounds for the whole of the allotted time. We were also assisted by Lewis' younger brother Howard, on the old school bell.

Olympic ring 27 Jul 2012
Ringers in the picture are:
Back row left to right - Eddie Gillespie, David Gore, John Paramor, Bill Evans, Clare Bellis, Rosemary Cryle
Front row left to right - Dorothe Steidinger, Freda Parker, Howard Yates, Lewis Yates, Jan Paramor

Quarter peals rung this year:

  • 06 April 2012 - Half muffled after the Good Friday 3 hour devotional service, Doubles: Plain Bob and Grandsire 1260
  • 05 June 2012 - Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee, Doubles: Plain Bob 1260
  • 30 July 2012 - Celebration of the ordination of Ken Cox as Deacon, Doubles: Plain Bob 1260
  • 28 October 2012 - Brithday compliments to Peter Steidinger, brother of ringer of 3rd, Doubles: Grandsire, Plain Bob 1309
  • 04 November 2012 - Half muffled, Minor: Plain Bob 1260
  • 17 November 2012 - Rung to celebrate the wedding this day of Rosemary Cryle, a St. Laurence ringer, to Peter Kirk at All Souls church, Cheriton, Folkestone. Doubles: Gransire, Plain Bob 1260

In the paper:

And in addition to that: practice

On 07 May 2011, the first module of the ITTS course for new teachers (Teaching Bell Handling) was successfully delivered at St Laurence by Peter Dale from the Cinque Ports ringing centre.

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Please contact us to find out where to get clothing in royal blue with our logo.
From the preferred supplier you can get:

  • a range of polo shirts (various qualities, also one long sleeved)
  • sweat shirts (round neck, V-neck, hoodie)
  • fleeces (full zip or 1/4 zip)
  • T-shirts

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